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Climb Like Pro-Climber Chris Sharma with the Use of these Accessories

Climb like pro-climber chris sharma with the use of these accessories

Climbing shoes by Evolv
Your climbing getup will not be complete without a pair of Pontas shoes from Evolv. Named after Chris Sharma's epic water solos that happened in Spain, this pair of shoes has since been a climbing magazine's favorite. It has a precise edging when doing small holds, full and half mid-soles for stiffness, and it simply fits anyone perfectly. It is a must-have especially when climbing the hard sections.

Sterling climbing ropes
Sterling is a renowned brand known to many of people globally. And true to its reputation, it also manufactures one of the best climbing ropes in the whole world. The Sterling climbing ropes maintain their own shape, are durable enough to last long, and are very handy. Chris Sharma uses sepatu adventure Sterling's velocity ropes when climbing because of its lightweight and durable features being a perfect combination. This is considered by many professional rock climbers in the world as the ultimate all-around rope in the market.

Sama harness from Petzl
Petzl's climbing harness, Sama, is a man's favorite because it is ideal for long and short sport routes. It is lightweight, moisture-resistant, and is built with snug yet comfortable loops for belays and falls. Indeed the climbing harness that is absolutely perfect for tough routes.

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